Mary Blandy

The Ghost Mary Blandy

Coming soon...The Mary Blandy tour - A slow walking historic audio tour - Mary Blandy, daughter of a prosperous Henley solicitor and town clerk in the 1700's was convicted of murdering her father Francis Blandy aged 62. Mary was hanged dressed in black from an especially lowered pole between two trees in the grounds of Oxford Castle in 1752. Over the years there have been several unexplained experiences and sightings thought to be linked with the ghost of Mary Blandy. Our walking tour is based upon a true story of Mary's life. Photo to the right was taken on a mobile phone in the bar of  the Catherine Wheel which is now known as Wetherspoons in Hart Street , Henley on Thames, just a stones throw away from where Mary and her family lived in Blandy House. The Henley Standard has done a write up of this ghostly figure which is believed to be that of Mary Blandy. Some say she roams around Henley as she did when she was alive. Have you seen her...?


Bottom right is a hand drawn picture by a night warden who worked at a hotel in Henley on Thames, he saw a ghostly figure standing by a window as he was doing

his rounds, so he would remember what the figure looked like he drew this picture. He carried this drawing around with him for 2 years, showing friends and acquaintances and finally contacted Henley Ghost Tours.

To view a map of historic events releated to Mary Blandy please click on the red ballon markers for info on each location.

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